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Time, the Most Important Commodity

For most of us, time is the most precious thing. We need time to love and cherish our families, to create new things and relationships and to do the mundane things in life to survive. Last week, a friend who has always been full of life and continuously active had a stroke that put all things in perspective. He has had a successful, prosperous and loving life that almost came to an end.

Luckily, because of his physical strength and lust for living, he survived with few ill affects. He is now working towards a full and happy recovery.

His goals for himself and his family have not all been fulfilled and, I know, he will pursue them with even more vigor and vitality knowing how precious his time is. He will now enjoy the moments even more, see even more, and love even more. He was given the gift. He was shown the reality of life. He was re-awakened.

Each minute is precious. Each day is a blessing to be cherished and filled.


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