Time It, unlike…

Time It, unlike other, more expensive, time tracking software, does everything the small to medium sized firm needs to capture all their billable time. It accurately tracks your time spent, bills your clients and tracks all activities.  Time It enables you to keep on top of production and your clients’ status.

After reviewing what’s available from other software, we designed an easy to use, easy to learn product that should meet all your needs at a low cost.

We are experts at automating Excel functions. We wanted to take a familiar platform and make it simple for anyone to use. Press a button and you get what you need. All the data created is easily accessible and can be manipulated to create any kind of reports you want.

We are so confident that Time It will be all you need to accurately track and bill for your time, we will let you try it free for 15 days. No upfront cost, no credit card commitment needed for the free trial period. After 15 days, just press the purchase button, make payment and Time It is yours forever. No additional costs!


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August 16, 2012 · 1:06 am

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